The Crescent Primary School

The Crescent Primary School occupies what was formerly the Boys' Grammar School. We are delighted that a strong relationship exists between the OCA and the Crescent Primary School, who have given us permission to post the picture below.  It shows the entire school in July 2018, arranged in - what else? - a crescent. The picture was taken by Gary Heath, Interim Co-Head of the School, standing on the roof of the BRIT School - which OCs will know better as the former Girls' Grammar School. You will note how parched the grass was when this picture was taken - during the six-week rainless heatwave of 2018.

You can read more about The Crescent Primary School, and see how the old Boys' School buildings have been repurposed, on their website here.

In July 2020 the OCA once more made a financial contribution to the Crescent School's leavers' celebration and every child leaving the school received a  joint certificate from both the school and the OCA.  Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 event had to be a 'virtual' one, to which your Chairman contributed the short video clip which you can see here.

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