SGSB School Calendars 1945-51


SGSB School Calendars 1945-51


We are grateful to OC Roger Willis for sending us his Selhurst Grammar School for Boys School Calendars from five of the six academic years 1945-51.

Roger writes: 

"I was at Selhurst from September 1945 until December 1950.

This was the period immediately after the war and at last there would be a period of school stability. Those of us starting at Selhurst in September had survived the upheavals of the war and had probably been evacuated compulsorily or to friends or families during the  preceding five years. I personally attended six primary schools during the five years, albeit three of them were at Norbury Manor. Starting at Norbury Manor, then to Abbots Leigh (near Bristol), then to Slough, back to Norbury Manor in the 'quieter period' of the war, then to Nottingham when the V1 "Doodlebugs" arrived, then finally back to Norbury Manor in 1945. All a bit of an upheaval but life was like that. I was the oldest  of four by some years and was left to myself to a large extent. My three siblings were all born during the war.

Starting at Selhurst was very much a new experience in many ways. Growing up as a teenager and making lifelong friends. John Fletcher (also from Norbury Manor) and I were lifelong friends until his death in 2021.We were in the same form throughout all my time at Selhurst.

All of us at Selhurst owe a great debt to all the staff at that time for their dedication. Some of the staff had been at Selhurst since the 1920's and others were were quite young - probably having been on active service during the war -  although to us, of course, they seemed very old!

  These five School Calendars,  which managed to survive for so long will, I'm sure, bring back many memories to those at Selhurst  at the time."


The five school calendars - password-protected for paid-up members of the OCA - are available from the links below:






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