Sundry Pictures

Sundry Pictures

This page provides links to a variety of pictures which we have received but which do not fit obviously in to any other category.


Rodger Newman (SGSB 1947-54) has provided photos from his final year: here.


SGSB Exam Results as published in the Times and County Mail, Friday 04 November 1960: here.

SGSB Cadet Prize 1960, accompanying the above article: here.

SGSB School Organ Christopher Davis (at the school 1962-69) has provided this photo of the school organ. Note the original school badge: 

Martin Zoeftig (at the school 1960-67) has provided the 1967 Senior Prizegiving programme: here.

Ron Smith (1953-60) has provided press photos of the opening of the SGSB Science Block in 1960 here.


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