Remembrance Events

Remembrance Events at the Crescent Primary School


On Monday 11 November 2019 OCA Committee Members and other OCA members once more attended a Remembrance Event at The Crescent Primary School - the building which formerly housed the Boys' School. After a short ceremony, the children maintained an exemplary two minutes' silence.  Staff then escorted the visiting OCs on a tour of the former Boys' School, following which our party were treated to tea and cakes by Rebecca Dolan, the new Head of the School.We were delighted to be able in this way to consolidate our relationship with The Crescent School and to help to keep alive in the minds of the next generation the value and importance of Remembrance.


On Wednesday 11 November 2020 there was no Remembrance Event at  The Crescent Primary School because of the Coronavirus. Instead, the OCA sent a video for the school to incorporate into their own online offering.  The school greatly value the involvement of OCA members at these events, which help to reinforce in the children's minds the sense that history is something real and not just in books and films. 

You can read more about the commemorative WWI and WWII plaques here.